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Southern Electrical Recycling to expand their great project for schools

April 25, 2023

Southern Electrical Recycling LTD, based in Hilsea are looking to expand a recycling project that they piloted last year with local schools.

The company has reached out to local schools to educate pupils, staff and parents of the need to recycle and not discard redundant electrical items.

To date they have worked with two schools removing over two ton in electrical items from the school’s own IT and parents.  The parents had the confidence to dispose of IT and phones knowing that the school would receive a certificate for the secure data destruction.

The company came up with the idea to target schools and at the same time educate children on the importance of recycling.  On both occasions, the recycling initiative has been well received and has helped one school to become an environmentally friendly school.

The UK is currently the second worst country in the world for recycling WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) waste and Hampshire is also one of the poorest performers in the country.  Portsmouth City Council do offer a small electrical collection from the kerbside for residents, alongside the fortnightly recycling collection.

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