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Portsmouth Distillery Co. at Southsea Food Festival

July 11, 2022

The Portsmouth Distillery Co. will be showcasing their first rum, an authentically aged expression 1812 3 year Old Rum at Southsea Food Festival 22.

Hear what their operations director had to say

With this rum, The Portsmouth Distillery Co. has made history as the first distillery in England to make from scratch and 3 year aged rum. It is bottled as a single distillery, cask release bottling, meaning each bottling will potentially have its very own characteristics.

Over the last couple of years, whilst the nation hunkered down during lockdown, the distillery was doing their bit producing hand sanitiser for the local community.  However, in the background something else was happening! Since March 2019 they have been lovingly distilling their sugar cane syrup rum and laying this down to age in the casemates of Fort Cumberland, less than 100m from the sea.

The 1812 rum has intense notes of caramel and citrus peel alongside tropical fruits and layers of toffee and pear drops. It is incredibly soft and smooth with a burst of over ripe bananas, finishing with just the right amount of bite from the alcohol (43% abv).

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