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New clothing store opens in Drayton

January 17, 2023

Exchange Boutique a new clothing store, owned by Jennie Woodfine, has opened in Drayton.  The shop in Havant Road, which is taking the place of Aroma Cafe before it expanded on the Drayton high street, is a sustainable fashion venue selling high end pieces of women’s clothing.

Jennie Woodfine

Jennie originally from Sheffield moved down to Drayton a few years ago, but during a visit home, she found herself stumbling across stores that were selling donated high-end clothes, and she took inspiration from this as she envisaged a women’s clothing boutique of her own.

Jennie said:

“There is nothing like this is Portsmouth, particularly in Drayton, and I just saw the opportunity and thought why not, so I decided to go for it.’

The new shop is a ladies’ clothing shop with good quality that have only been worn once or twice.

“I am going to be selling high end clothes, so it doesn’t feel like a charity shop or second hand shop, but more of a boutique.’

The idea came as a backlash to fast fashion.

She added: ‘‘I guess getting into my 40’s and looking in my wardrobe, I kept thinking what am I doing continuing to buy fashion so frequently like that.”

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