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Market trader’s 10th anniversary feeding the lonely and homeless on Christmas morning

December 20, 2022

Portsmouth Market trader Billy Willett and Alison have been opening up their burger van in Commercial Road on Christmas Day morning for the last 10 years to feed the lonely and homeless.

This started with feeding a homeless man “Josh” and a few others. The initiative now attracts around 80 people who are lonely, hungry or homeless. Local people and customers also donate food, Christmas crackers and clothes to give out alongside Billy’s breakfast.

Billy Willett said

“It started as a joke cooking Christmas breakfast for Josh and a few friends. I continue to do it because I don’t want to let people down. It is not just for homeless people but also lonely people.”

“If I didn’t do I reckon they will lynch me up!”

Any donations of money and clothes left over from Christmas morning are given to the charity Helping Hands which supplies food and hot drinks to homeless people most days.

Billy has been running his pitch in Commercial Road opposite the former Debenhams for over 10 years. This pitch was passed to him from a relative who had served breakfast for 50 years.

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