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Fawcett Road gets a spring clean

February 9, 2022

Fawcett Road in Southsea has been the focus of a range of street improvements. Portsmouth City Council has worked with Priory School pupils to design new eye-catching lamppost banners that are now lining the street. The children’s designs were inspired by American pop-artist Robert Indiana, famous for the iconic ‘Love’ image. These designs are also the inspiration behind the new gateway signs that will soon be installed to complete the fresh new look.

Over the past few months, planters have been installed on the street filled with a variety of bee-friendly plants, with the support of Wilder Portsmouth and Bramble Infant School and Nursery.
The new look has also included planting new trees as well as creating space for pedestrians to pass and people to linger outside Baffled Coffee. Bins and lampposts have been repainted in British racing green, and 12 new cycle parking hoops installed along the street.

Cllr Suzy Horton, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for Children, Families and Education, welcomed the new additions to the street.

She said: “Fawcett Road is an important street for smaller independent businesses, it’s also well used by families and schoolchildren. In order to continue to help the area thrive we’ve given it the love it deserves and I think you can really feel the difference.”

Stewart Vaughan, Headteacher of Priory School said: “It is wonderful to be part of this project and bring some colour and unique designs to Fawcett Road. The banners outside the school create a really vibrant entrance to the road and the students are so proud to see their work displayed in this way. We look forward to seeing the addition of the new pavement entry signs very soon as well. The students and their art teacher spent many after school sessions coming up with the designs and they really enjoyed the process and collaborating to create the finished designs.”

Oli Bradley, head teacher of Bramble Infant School and Nursery said: “We are really proud to have been part of this project. It has been a chance for us to promote the importance of being active in the community to our children and their families. The children are looking forward to continuing to maintain the flower beds as we get closer to the spring.”

The improvements are part of the council’s commitment to creating safer, greener and more pleasant walking and cycling routes across the city, as well as helping local businesses thrive and making sure residents feel safe and happy.


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