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Crowdfunder success leads to new business The Pole Coven opening

January 17, 2024

Chloe Hood has finally witnessed her dream of opening her own pole studio, The Pole Coven, become a reality following two Crowdfunder campaigns and eight years of working from home.  She established The Pole Coven from her home in Portsmouth and her private lessons quickly became popular with people looking to exercise in a fun and unique way.

After she lost her first premises, she was offered space at Portsmouth Enterprise Centre, which is run by the council and completed a second successful Crowdfunder campaign with match funding from the council’s Small Business Fund.

Chloe opened up the doors to her pole studio just before Christmas to what she describes as an “amazing response”

She started her first Crowdfunder early last year hoping to raise £10,000 in a bid to open her studio. But despite her best efforts, the premises she wanted fell through and she lost the matched funding from the council.

Chloe said: “The first Crowdfunder we did, basically, we got enough from the crowd but we needed the other match funding from the city council. Unfortunately we didn’t get the premises we wanted at the time so because we didn’t have a premises they couldn’t give us the money.”

Although Chloe did not secure her first Crowdfunder she was not going to let that stop her from opening the studio she always dreamt of.

She found out about the Enterprise Centre in Portsmouth which is run by the council, and was informed that a space would be available. She decided to shoot her shot one more time in the bid to see her dream come to life, and this time round, things began to fall into place.

Chloe said:

“I nearly had the keys so I set up another Crowdfunder and the council said that if I did it again, I would get the funding. By that time, I had raised quite a lot of money by myself basically by working really hard, so I didn’t need as much from them.”

The Pole Coven opened on December 16, 2023.  Chloe offers a range of pole dancing and fitness classes including classes for beginners, intermediates and for people that want to improve the dance aspect of pole dancing.

She added:

“We have had so many new people through the door.”

It has been quite nice to open in January when people want to try something new and get a new hobby – Most of our beginners have said they enjoy it and we have also had quite a few people come back to pole.

“It has been brilliant; I have been working out of my home with two businesses for the last eight years.  Now I can offer group classes so people can meet new people.”

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