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Why being small and independent is the secret behind Southsea Deli

November 22, 2023

As the only independent classic deli in Southsea, Southsea Deli brings another dimension to the food industry on the south coast with the creation of simple, yet delicious food made from local produce.

Southsea Deli has grown into an established business since it was first set up in 2018. The business is owned by Daniel Nowland, who previously worked at Jamie Oliver HQ for ten years. Originally, he envisioned running a small and traditional deli, though with its growing success over the years the business had to adapt whilst maintaining standards.

Daniel Nowland owner of Southsea Deli
Daniel Nowland Owner of Southsea Deli

Daniel says: “We have evolved into things I never actually intended to do, but we’ve done them maintaining our values and listening to customers and reacting.”

Daniel felt that the small and independent nature of the business has had a positive impact in shaping Southsea Deli into what it is today.

“I think what’s good about being small and independent is you can react quickly. We don’t have to wait for meetings and sign offs: if we have an idea today, we could implement it tomorrow… That’s what’s exciting about running a business of this size,” 

Southsea Deli works hard to give customers what they want, and the positive feedback is what kept Daniel motivated to run the business. Whether it’s an online review or a customer coming back to order the same lunch, he stresses how enormous the repeat business is, in addition to developing relationships with customers.

The business prides itself on being unique and independent. Daniel says: “Southsea Deli is all about being truly unique, unique to Southsea and being unique in what we do. We try to go the opposite direction of more corporate businesses.”

Championing local products is an aspect which sets Southsea Deli apart from its competitors within Southsea. The business aims to provide the locals with dishes made of regional products from suppliers in Hampshire, Sussex, and the Isle of Wight.

“Everything’s homemade, from scratch every day, and we just try keep them simple, fresh and colourful, healthy food,” said Daniel.

With Christmas looming Southsea Deli are creating hampers to make the holidays that much sweeter. The hampers will come in all shapes and sizes and contain an assortment of products from cheeses, biscuits, and wine – they can be ordered online, and deliveries will take place the week before Christmas.

“The shop’s busy, sawdust on the floor, we are like elves working away packing Christmas gifts,” says Daniel describing how busy the festive season will be.

Looking into the future Southsea Deli are planning to run seven days a week. The business hopes to start opening on Sundays next year with an exciting brunch menu. Daniel is also planning to host more events in the future as part of the South Coast Cookery School which he runs alongside Southsea Deli.

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