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Portsmouth’s first Pop Up shop Q&A with Goly Natural

February 14, 2024

Portsmouth’s first Pop Up shop with Goly Natural  

Portsmouth’s first Pop Up shop business is local business Goly Natural who sell a range of natural organic skin care products.  

Goly Natural, owned by Stef Dogan, has been creating skin care products for thirteen years and for the last three has traded online as a trader. Stef, originally from Portugal, created the business with the intention of creating a range of skin care products that is free from harmful chemicals.  

For Stef, the Pop Up shop scheme represents an opportunity to reach out to greater number of people, and to provide a space for people to discuss their skin concerns and understand how to resolve these issues. 

We caught up with her to find out more. 

What inspired you to make skin care products?  

“I started making natural skin care and soap when my eldest was born. I’ve always used very natural products growing up, but when she was born, I was shocked at the ingredients in mainstream heavily commercialised skin care, even for infants. So I started making my own. The first product I came up with was Rose Salve, an olive oil-based cream which I mainly used as her nappy cream, but also as a face and body cream. Today, this is my best seller.”

Why did you decide to start your own business? 

“I’ve always been a free spirit, and a dreamer. Don’t get me wrong, I work well within a team, under pressure, and can lead teams very well. I have done it all. But I  always wanted my own business to be able to express my creativity. I have always been fascinated by natural healing, so natural skin care seemed the right way to go for me, as it is a very important part of almost everyone’s life and daily routine.”

What makes your products different?  

“My formulations are water free, which makes them by default preservative free. Most people don’t realise that by using water, bacterial growth is inevitable, hence the need to use preservatives. Preservatives are the harmful ingredients we shouldn’t be putting on our skin. All my ingredients are sourced from an organic UK based supplier, along with my glass jars.  I also source my honey and beeswax from a local beekeeper.”

What keeps you motivated? 

“My desire to educate on the use of the preservative chemicals used in most skin care products. And how and why we should all swap to natural skin care.”

What do you hope to learn from the pop up shop experience? 

“The Portsmouth Pop Up shop will be a means to reach out to those who haven’t found me yet. It will enable me to learn more about my business such as managing overheads, marketing, sales promotion, my customers and to research what works for me and my business.”

How do you want your customers to feel when they visit your new shop? 

“I want them to feel like the moment before they start a SPA treatment. Immersed with the scents, textures, and the visual experience too. I am planning a nature inspired décor with natural textures and colours.”

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