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Local pallet company plans to be most sustainable in industry

March 10, 2022

TICPI Group is a family-run pallet company based in Portsmouth. They supply pallets nationally to a range of customers, including high street retailers and online distributers. The company is committed to sustainability, and claims to be the only UK pallet company to manufacturer 100% recycled, heat treated pallet blocks.

Connor Hoare, Company Director: “My father set up the business 35 years ago. He saw pallets as an essential part of business across the UK and decided that this is what we were going to specialise in, since I took over I have looked advance the industry with technology to improve how traditional pallet businesses are run. You can see this with our crusher and block making projects.”

Their crusher takes waste wood and shreds it into sawdust, they heat treat this sawdust in a unique way which uses Phytosanitation, they are then able to mould pallet blocks of various sizes and use these to make pallets to meet customers’ requirements. When the pallet has then past its life cycle TICPI are able to re-crush this wood and restart the cycle, meaning they have a full 360 of waste to product on a continuous loop.

TICPI provide a comprehensive range of pallet services, starting with the supply and distribution right through to the waste management and collection of wooden pallets. The company provides a broad collection service that includes collection from site, in this way they help busy operations to keep operating by keeping unwanted pellets out of the way. Currently TIPCI group have 15 employees but would love to grow the business across the country to be able to use and produce more pallets.

Whilst they plan to expand, they are also conscious of their carbon footprint. TICPI plans to bring down the amount of waste wood going to landfill drastically with the use of machines. They are bringing the amount of waste wood down as they are able to crush and make the waste into a product whereas before the waste is taken straight to landfill.

“We are looking to become the most sustainable pallet company as well as to become a leader in the industry nationwide.”

Through the recruitment of new employees TICPI received help from the employment advisors at the council and successfully gained 4 new employees through the process.

“I found the process very smooth and as soon as I had the call with Jack we started receiving calls from people who fit the profile of what we were looking for and we have employed 4 people directly from the process. Jack worked around us and asked how we preferred the interviews and initial contact to work and this massively suited us which was a huge plus.”

“The council have been massively supportive to our company and the project we are proposing which is how we are planning on bringing the amount of wood waste down and being able to produce product out of the waste, by offering support in any way they can, either through grants, employment and advice. It has been great for our new customers to hear that we have backing from the council and also for our own morale because we know we are trying to accomplish is something that is backed locally.”

You can find out more about the products and services TIPCI offers here:

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