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HYYPA is hyped up for its business’ future

March 23, 2023

HYYPA is a video-based e-learning company whose goal is to support the growing number of adults with ADHD in the UK waiting on a diagnosis and lacking treatment. They aim to provide both free and paid modules for adults who have either been recently diagnosed or are waiting to be diagnosed with ADHD to help them better understand the challenges that come with ADHD.

Mark Cann, the founder of HYYPA, began with very little financial assistance, but with the council’s business support program (Outset Start and Grow), he was able to get the extra funding he needed to boost his brand.

What’s his story?

After Mark had been diagnosed later in life with ADHD, he started to research coping mechanisms and found out that he couldn’t find any tips that were keeping him accountable to implement new working techniques. This is why he created HYYPA Energy a mind and body video course that results in tangible changes in focus and energy. Keen to keep it local, Mark created the course in partnership with Neurosciences, dieticians and athletes from Portsmouth University.

The video-based resources give both practical tools and techniques to manage your focus but are also less than 2 minutes to ensure no one is bored or distracted.

It’s not all butterflies and rainbows

Starting a company from scratch has many small trials and tribulations, such as brand design and creating websites, and for Mark specifically, there was a lot of filming and editing involved as well.  On top of all the challenges that come with creating a company, he had to juggle both his day job and the difficulties caused by ADHD, such as procrastination and accountability.

However, he didn’t let that stop him, and the council was here to support him! With the business support scheme, Mark was given the funds he needed to create the brand. The aid from the council helped pay for some of the expenses for new equipment for editing and an office space to work from. Now that the company is up and running, it can provide help and support for all those in need!

Find out more about HYYPA Energy by going to or email

Author: Anusha Adhikari

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