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Behind the scenes with Portsmouth’s DVMISSION

February 14, 2023

Portsmouth’s DVMISSION has been running film challenges in the city for 18 years. This challenge is a fun event but also a vital skills development opportunity for filmmakers, project managers and writers. As winner of Shaping Portsmouth 2023 Education Award, Dr Roy Hanney, founder and director of DVMISSION takes us behind the scenes and explains why the event is relevant for skills development.

What is DVMission, how long has it been running, how many people take part

DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge is celebrating its 18th birthday. This coming of age is an important moment for an event which started as fun playful experiment and has grown, over the years, into a crucial date in the calendar for anyone working in film, video, and the wider creative sector in the Solent region.

A 48-hour film challenge is a film race. Teams get 48 hours to make a 2-minute short film. Plus, they need to include a line of dialogue, a title, and a genre in the finished film known as “obstructions”. This is what is known as a pedagogy of constraint in that the organisers are going to try and make it harder so that the filmmaker is stretched creatively.

Why do businesses, freelancers and groups get involved?

Don’t get the wrong idea, it is a challenge, but it is also great fun and teams keep coming back year after year. Many will cite DVMISSION as a catalyst for where they are now and talk about their first challenge as an important starting point for their career.

We have had lots of creative businesses take part; some use the challenge as a training opportunity. Others take part to build their portfolio and push the boundaries of their practice.

What skills does DVMISSION develop and are there other benefits?

Creative skills grow through repeated practice and this challenge gives people the time and the motivation to do that practice. Then of course there is the gala screening and awards night, an immersive extravaganza that has been described as The Sex Pistols meets the Oscars,  which is a great business networking opportunity.

What is next for DVMISSION ?

We have three goals for the future. The first is to get a production design training programme going to build the immersive side of the experience and to give young creatives skills in art direction and design. We also want to be able to offer pre-challenge training in practical production skills. Whilst post-challenge we want to be able to set up film industry related businesses mentoring for those who need it.

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