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WATCH: A new vision for Portsmouth’s future

February 9, 2021

A bold new vision for the future of Portsmouth has been unveiled by Imagine Portsmouth at this year’s Shaping Portsmouth Conference. The vision sets out what kind of city Portsmouth wants to be by 2040, what people in the city value, and what they want to prioritise when it comes to key areas of city life like health and wellbeing, culture, education, the environment, transport and business.

Around 2500 people and 60 different organisations in Portsmouth have been involved in the creation of the city vision over the past 18 months. Imagine Portsmouth has held workshops, focus groups, a citizen’s conference and citywide consultation to give as many people as possible the chance to consider the challenges and opportunities facing Portsmouth and to have their say on the city’s goals.

The Imagine Portsmouth project was created in 2019 and is led by a partner board made up of representatives from 13 major organisations and partnerships in Portsmouth, as well as representatives from BAME communities and the youth parliament. It is now calling on businesses, organisations and community groups in the city to get involved and commit to supporting the vision as they create their own plans for the future.

Read Portsmouth’s city vision in full on the Imagine Portsmouth website

Businesses and organisations in the city can get involved and support the vision by sharing their commitment with Imagine Portsmouth via


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